Sports at ISG :    

In ISG , students of all age groups i.e from KG to class 12 take active part in sports and games activities. Students also learn General exercise, yogasans , minor games, football, basketball, cricket and badminton.

Classes/Age group taught :
bullet K.G. 1 AND K.G. 2:
Swimming during school hours
bullet CLASSES 1 AND 2 :
General Exercise and regular swimming during school hours
bullet CLASSES 3, 4 AND 5:
General exercise, yoga asans attention, stand at ease, minor games, football,
bullet basketball, cricket and badminton    
bullet CLASSES 6,7, 8 AND 9:
Aerobic exercise, marching, basketball, football, cricket, badminton and table tennis
bullet CLASSES 10, 11 AND 12
Marching, turn while marching, cricket, football, basketball and badminton