30 years of memories


A good day to whoever is reading this. My name is Shushruth Sudhir Urwa, I did my schooling in the Indian School Al Ghubra from 2013-2017, the last CBSEi batch. Pyarija ma'am was our Vice Principal, and we were taught by the best possible teachers, due to whom we are here. I'm currently pursuing law in a college in India, though I was a science student. I'm extremely happy for the experience, guidance this school gave me. Under the wise leadership of P. Mohamed Ali Sir, Papri Ma'am, Sreekumar Sir, Pyarija ma'am amongst others I'm happy to see my school progress, with ISG international in full force. I cherish the foreign trips I made through the school. The MMUN in Geneva, WFUNA in New York, under Malekha Ariwala Ma'am leadership, is something I'll cherish throughout my life. The school deserves nothing but the best. God bless the ISG, for Set here in the Sands of Al Ghubra is this school of ours. -Shushruth Sudhir Urwa Alumni, ISG

Congratulations on the 30th year celebrations. Wishing the institution many more years of success to greater heights. It’s been a memorable journey at ISG from June 1992 to 2013. Under the leadership of Mr. Bhatnagar, Mr. Thangadurai and Ma’am Papri Ghosh. I feel honored to have chosen this profession and to be part of ISG. It gives me immense pleasure to pen these few lines as it holds great memories. I would like to thank the ISG family for the opportunity and wish the school the very best in all its future endeavors as it grows from strength to strength with Ma’am Papri at the helm.

School life is one of the best times that all of us will cherish. When I was a student, I spend a lot of time thinking about college and leaving school. But after leaving, when I am sitting on the benches of my college, I missed school (separate table and chair, the classrooms). The amazing teachers really make the difference. All the events that occur in a year, the teacher's day programme, Onam celebration, bake sales, picnics, annual day and round square carnivals brought all of us together. I have learned a lot (other than academics) and wherever I go, I carry the values taught by my school. I am honoured to have been part of this wonderful family and I am proud to call myself ISGian. Batch 2018-19 Sneha Kizhakke Chittadath.

  • Avatar Dr. Farhan Ariwala
December 29, 2020, 1:01 PM

Going through the submissions of various alumni, it's obvious the significance ISG has played in each of our lives. I was fortuitous enough to be a part of this family during my formative years. I mention this because as i moved on to pursue my higher education, it was fairly evident how we stood out from the rest, keeping in mind, it had nothing to do with the individual. Whatever achievements we may have accomplished in our lives is owed, in no small part, to the faculty of this school. I am grateful to how this institution has moulded me to be who i am today, and it goes without saying, i always will be.

ISG to me will always be more than just a school, it will be a place that helped channel my strengths and build upon my weaknesses, not only as a student but also as a human being. It would be a trough of memories, the good which i will forever cherish and the less than good that have served as life lessons preparing me for my future. It gave me friendships that have morphed into familial bonds and experiences that have shaped me into the person I am today. It's with a great sense of pride for me to say that ISG gave me a whole lot more than an education, it set me on a path to my future.

  • Avatar Sharmistha Ghosh
December 28, 2020, 4:19 PM

When I first entered the gates of ISG in 2011 as a nervous 4th grader, I could have never imagined the wonderful opportunities and beautiful memories I would experience in the following 9 years. ISG has been remarkable in every possible way; respected Papri Ma'am and Sreekumar Sir who have been role models for us, the efficient administration who has kept this school in its best form for 30 years, our lovely teachers who have been torchbearers of knowledge, goodness and positivity and the ancillary staff who provided a safe and healthy environment for us to grow and learn. A big thank you to all of you. I cannot express how grateful and blessed I feel to be an alumnus of ISG and a part of the 2020 batch. Congratulations to ISG for 30 glorious years!

  • Avatar Akshara Srinivasan
December 21, 2020, 7:40 AM

Those days when I woke up at 5.30 reached school by 6.30 . The school quite empty but 15 mins later it’s not the same there would be a gush of students walking in, those morning hour practice rushing back to class for attendence waiting eagerly for that 1 PE period and somehow teachers also manage a way to grasp that period . Those tours and fun we had ! Most of all ISG gave me so much exposure and experience thanks to Mr. Afzal sher Khan I’ve reached an amazing level representing my state in India now . Thanks to him I played for my country back in Oman and thanks to him I’m getting closer and closer into achieving my dream of playing for the Indian team ! ISG stands to be my best memory !

There is no substitute to hard work - Thomas Edison. Looking Back at my school years, I look back at he best years gone by. Dewdrops on the grounds on winters morning, Morning assembly underneath a clear blue sky. The poetry recitals, the library shelves full of dreams. The scouts and guided campfires, The little pranks, happiness bursting at the seams. The basketball matches, the football goal, The board exam midnight cram that took a toll. The debates, the investitures, the skits, The choir. The fun and frolicking at recess in the foyer. It seems just like yesterday, just look at the time. Without you I wouldn't have learnt anything, not even to rhyme...... Thank you for everything I am.

I always loved being in ISG but I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would miss it so much after I left. I often reflect on the happy, vibrant staffroom and the friends I made for a lifetime. I miss my students ever so much. Their joie de vivre infused me with life, laughter and learning. I learnt more from them then I taught. The madness before an event and the satisfaction of a job well done after the event had a thrill of its own. The preparation for classes, examinations and the corrections that followed had me charged up all the time. For all this and more I am thankful to Papri Ma'am, Mr Bhatnagar ,Mr Thangadurai and Mr Sree Kumar for having given me a free hand yet being there for support, guidance and care when required. I miss my lively and hard working friends with whom I have laughed and grumbled , shared my joys and sorrows. I fondly remember the meetings of our English department where we had intense discussions and great snacks, both thanks to our gentle and supportive Maura Ma'am.I wish I could meet my amazing colleagues and friends. It's very difficult to sum up 17 fabulous, fun filled and fulfilling years in a paragraph. Congratulations my dear ISG on completing 30 years!

When I think of ISG, I definitely remember the amazing teachers who’ve been a constant support! Their dedication and guidance has definitely played a huge role in shaping me into the person that I am! Thanks again for everything!