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SAT Test details

1. Students must report to the Test center by 7:15 am on the test date to ensure sufficient time for the check-in process. Exam ends at 11:45 am
2. Students will have to leave their bags, mobile phones, snacks etc. outside the testing room as instructed by the check-in supervisors.
3. No gathering of students will be allowed in the hallways during the breaks. Students will have access only to the examination area & will not be allowed to roam on campus.
4. During exam breaks, students will be allowed to go to the washroom.
Test Day Checklist
1. Acceptable photo ID. Check the College Board photo-id policy here.
2. Your up-to-date admission ticket
3. Two No. 2 pencils with eraser
4. An approved calculator. Check the SAT calculator policy here.
5. Water bottle and snacks
6. Only the Admission Ticket, stationery in hand, water bottle and an acceptable calculator will be allowed inside the respective testing rooms.
For more information, please log on to:
School Address:
Indian School Al Ghubra Near Oman International Hospital Al Dhayafa Street Muscat

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