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The students of Indian School Al Ghubra have proved their mettle once again and made the school proud.

A total of 140 students who appeared for the CBSE Class 12, Senior Secondary Examinations in Science , Commerce  and Humanities streams have scored excellent results with no failures or compartments.

The highlights of the results are:

In the Science Stream , out of 82 students who appeared  44% have scored an aggregate of 90% and above  ; 77% students scored an aggregate of 80% and above. No student has scored below the overall aggregate of 64%. The Class Average is a commendable 86.24%.

In the Commerce Stream out of 45 students who appeared, more than one fourth of the students secured 90% and above; 56% students scored an aggregate of 80% and above. The Class Average is 80.22%.

In the Humanities Stream out of 13 students, nearly 40% students scored 90% and above, 85 % students scored above 80 %.  The Class Average is 85.65%.

Overall Toppers in the Science Stream are

First Position     -   Dhruvan Gnanadhandayuthapani, with an aggregate of 98.6%. He also 

                                 secured an overall percentile of 99.03 in the Joint Entrance Examination

Second Position -  Pallak Manish Dhabalia with an aggregate score of 97%

Third Position was bagged by 3 students with an aggregate of 95.8%. They are:

                                  Alan Saji

                                  Rehan Shanavas

                                  Shawn Roby


Overall Toppers in the Commerce Stream are

First Position - Melina Natasha Goveas with an aggregate score of 96.4%

Second Position – Aarathi Sajeev  with an aggregate score of 93 %

Third Position – Shaun Rayappa with an aggregate score of 92.8%


Overall Toppers in the Humanities Stream are

First Position     -   Thana Aysha with an aggregate score of 96.6%

Second Position -  Zainab Hussain  with an aggregate score of 95.4%

Third Position  -     Yahya Jamal Mohiaddin Alwaye with an aggregate score of 95%


Students who scored a perfect score of 100 in various subjects are:

Psychology                  :  1. Aleena Anesh

                                         2. Melina Natasha Goveas

                                         3. Thana Aysha


Computer Science     :   1.  Alan Saji

                                          2.  Harshini Anbazhagan 

                                          3.  Rehan Shanavas

Chemistry                    :   1. Dhruvan Gnanadhandayuthapani

                                           2. Alan Saji


Informatics Practices :   1. Priyanka Lakshman Umamahesh

                                           2. Leah Elizabeth Reny

The Subject toppers are:

 Dhruvan Gnanadhandayuthapani , 99% in Mathematics and Physics;

Aimie Isaac,  Anoushka Sanjeev MadaviIra Bhardwaj and Ishana Rajesh Pai Fondekar have scored 99% in English;

Hana Irshad has scored 99% in Engineering Graphics;  

Zainab Hussain has scored 99% in Entrepreneurship;

Ankitha Anil,  Neha Samson and  Vijay Rajendran and have scored 98% in Accountancy;

Thana Aysha, Yahya Jamal Mohiaddin Alwaye and Zainab Hussain have scored 98% in Sociology;

Ammatanda Carrisa Bopanna has scored 97% in Marketing

Arshiya Akhtar Kamal has scored 97% in Painting;

Alwin Kallely Jose has scored 96% in Economics;

Melina Natasha Goveas  has scored 96% in Business Studies;

Aidaphi Uppal, Aimie Isaac,  Anandhitha Shaji and Tabitha Thomas have scored 95% in Biology;

Aidaphi Uppal has scored 95% in Physical Education

The School Management Committee congratulated the students, commended the teachers for

their immense efforts and thanked the parents for their continuous support.


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