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Indian School Al Ghubra celebrated the 73rd Republic Day of India on a virtual platform.

The comperes Haya Shrivastava and Parth Nitin Ranade of class 11 welcomed the audience and introduced the events of the day.

The programme began with the National Anthem of India. It was followed by the school choir comprising Aarya Amit Paradkar, Akshara Manoj, Anushya Sri Rajkumar, Avi Devang Pandya, Ernest Emanuel Peter, Eshani Gangatharan, Hanna Thomas , Keerthiya Shanmugam, Lynn Gygy, Sarvesh Shivdev Kumar, Sreela Ghosh and Zayan Shaikh, paying homage to the motherland with two songs titled ‘Aao Milkar Gao’ and ‘Maatrabhoomi Gaan Se Goonjta Rahe Gagan’.

 The choral recitation in English by Anika Govil, Gouri Reghu, Mukund Menon, Neil Sandilya and Seethalekshmi Kishore, and the poem in Hindi recited by Aarya Paradkar of class 7, showcased the patriotic fervour of the youth. The presentation titled ‘India Scaling New Heights’ highlighted the myriad achievements made by the nation in multifarious fields.

The group consisting of Aishwarya Hareesh, Akshara Choudhary, Akshara Kamath, Anushka Gehlot, Archita Prasad, Ardra B. Nair, Darshana Nair, Diya Krishna, Geetika Nambiar, Jiya Sathish , Malavika Manoj, Mayugha Manoj, Shreya Santhosh and Sharvari Shetty of classes 7,8 and 9 presented ‘Annokha Raag :Bharat’ which was a fusion of traditional folk dances from various parts of India.

The event concluded with the Principal, Mrs. Papri Ghosh reciting a special prayer for the nation.

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