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The ISG Gavel Club hosted the installation ceremony on Saturday, October 7, 2023 in the school auditorium marking the formal transition of leadership roles within the student body. The significant event highlighted the importance of leadership and installed the 49 club officers from the seven gems of ISG Gavel Club–Amethyst, Blue Sapphire, Citrine, Diamond, Emerald, Fire Opal and Garnet to discharge the given responsibilities diligently following the rules and regulations. The ceremony was graced by the Principal, Ms Papri Ghosh, the Vice Principal, Mr G Sreekumar and distinguished Toastmasters, DTM Cyprian Misquith, DTM Saiju Victor, DTM Girish Kumar, DTM Bipin Kuriakose and TM Manikandan Rajagopal. The ISG Gavel Club Coordinator, Club Counsellors and the Club Officers were rendered the oath of office and were ceremoniously pinned the badges by the Principal and the Vice Principal pledging to spearhead the club's endeavours by empowering its members to pursue effective communication, leadership skills, and personal growth. A stellar video presentation titled, ‘Journey of ISG Gavel Club’s showcased the achievements of ISG Gavel Club since its inception in 2015. ISG Gaveliers have always marked their presence with their integrity, perseverance, confidence and excellence and have been appreciated for participating and winning accolades on several frontiers. The Principal exhorted the commitment of the Counsellors to the cause of training the Gaveliers to enhance the research and language skills. The Vice Principal, Mr. G. Sreekumar, in his address, urged the Gaveliers to develop and enhance their public speaking abilities. The ceremony ended with Gavelier Beatrice Binoy proposing the vote of thanks and encouraging Gaveliers to enhance their leadership skills.