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Indian School Al Ghubra has a rich heritage of sporting success. The concept of inclusivity in sports is endorsed at ISG as every student gets the chance to participate and compete in a variety of sporting events.

Sports and Games activities provide students with enriching experiences for their holistic development. It is an extension of scholastic subjects and activities related to personality development.   Apart from nurturing innate talent they also foster sportsmanship, team spirit, enhance physical endurance, promote healthy competition to ensure overall development of children.   

Sports Facilities:

  • Indoor Facilities: The school offers a gym and fitness room, 2 Badminton courts, Table tennis facilities as well as the use of the multi – purpose hall for Yoga, Aerobics & Zumba.
  • Outdoor Facilities: The school has a Swimming Pool, Roof Top Basketball court, Football Field, Cricket Net Facilities, Hockey Field, Volleyball and Handball Court.

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