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Indian School Al Ghubra Maintains Supremacy in Class 10 CBSE Results

The students of Indian School Al Ghubra created wonders with their performance in the Class 10 CBSE Examinations.


A total of 218 students appeared for the Examinations. 112 students secured above 90% which is indeed a remarkable achievement and 83% of the students have scored above 80%. As expected there are no failures or compartments.


Vaishnavi Sarang Joshi is the School Topper with an aggregate score of 98%.

In the second position is Shriya Narendra with an aggregate score of 97.8% and Nihaarika Manikkoth in the third position with an aggregate score of 97.4%.


13 students who secured a perfect score of 100 in Mathematics Standard are:

Aaditya Shibu, Aanya Goyal, Aarushi Manikandan, Arya Jivandas Madkaikar, Ashika Thumbasseril Manoj, Atul Sanjeev, Manraaj Luthra, Patil Dharani Reddy, Reeva Sasha Furtado, Ronith Shibu, Shriya Narendra, Tarun Venkatesh and Vaishnavi Sarang Joshi.


4 students who secured a perfect score of 100 in Malayalam are:

Aparna Praveen, Dhaya David, Merin Mary Jose and Theres Isac.


2 students who secured a perfect score of 100 in French are:

Advait Kappil and Zara Musheer.



The Subject Toppers in the other subjects:

Ananya Pradeep, Joshua Abe Samson, Sunakshi Singla and Unnathi Pai have scored 99% in English.

Kanaka Devdatta Deshmukh has scored 99% in Mathematics Basic.

Advait Kappil, Nihaarika Manikkoth, Reeva Sasha Furtado, Seethalekshmi Karayil Kishore, Shriya Narendra and Vaishnavi Sarang Joshi have scored 99% in Science.

Abia Arif, Brijesh Chowdary Mupparaju, Manraaj Luthra, Mark Mathews Muthalali, Mrinalini Manhas and Samprita Rajesh have scored 98% in Social Science.

Zuha Nizam has scored 98% in Hindi.

Seethalekshmi Karayil Kishore has scored 99% in Arabic.

Arina Anil Ronald Corda has scored 96% in Painting and 95% in Computer Application.

Pavan Soman and Vinaya Sudarshan Kovil Kandadai have scored 99% in Sanskrit.

Keith Tim Kiran has scored 95% in Physical Activity Trainer.

Anirudh Adarsh has scored 79% in Home Science.


On behalf of the school management, the Principal, Mrs. Papri Ghosh congratulated all the students for the phenomenal results and for making their school and parents proud. She lauded the untiring effort of the teachers that helped to raise the bar every year for ISG.