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The 10th International Yoga Day was celebrated with enthusiasm at Indian School Al Ghubra. Theme for this is year “ Marhaban Yoga”

A formal yoga programme was conducted during school hours for a week from 26th May to 30th May 2024. Students of classes 1 and 2 in the Elementary school and students of classes 6 to 9 in the senior school campus participated in the programme. 

A total of 2,100 students comprising both boys and girls of our school demonstrated various asanas of yoga namely Padmasana, Bhujangasana, Dandasana, Trikonasana, Virabhadrasana, Vrikshasana, Garudasana, Utkatasana; The daily practice of yoga helps improve one’s tranquility, intuition and awareness.

Teachers from the Department of Physical Education demonstrated the various yoga asanas.

Students participated in this exercise with whole hearted co- operation and joy.

The highlights of the event:

  • Mass Yoga by students and teachers.
  • Speech on the importance of celebrating Yoga Day.


The celebration concluded with the teaching of some breathing techniques.   Students were encouraged to practice yoga regularly to remain fit.