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Indian School Al Ghubra celebrated the 74th Independence Day of India, virtually.

The fact that the school community was confined at home did not dampen the patriotic spirit and the Independence Day was celebrated with great zeal.

Nandana Sheri and Lukshya Ganjoo of Class XII introduced the programme by expressing the sentiments behind being a true Indian.

The celebrations commenced with the National Anthem of India.

It was followed by a speech in verse titled ‘When an Indian Speaks Up ’  by  Nitu Andrews of Class XII. It brought out the unity we have forged from the diversity that exists in our nation.

The Audio-Visual presentation by Suyog Suhas Bhat, Sreenandha Ramesh, Sudiksha Saksena, Tanzila Ali Kaiser, Shravan Paul Jacob and Uday Joshi depicted the ideologies and dreams of a better India.

In her speech, Hiba Zafar Zaidi of Class XII called out to the youth to draw inspiration from our great leaders to build a young and dynamic India.

The school choir rendered the patriotic song ‘Kadam Se Kadam Mila Kar Chalo’ which captures the unique ,incredible and diverse spirit.

The celebrations concluded with a prayer by the Principal , Mrs. Papri Ghosh in which she sought the protection of God from the throes of the pandemic and give strength to the warriors.