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Indian School Al Ghubra hosted the eighth session of the E. Ahamed Model United Nations Conference from 25 April -27 April in the school premises. The conference was attended by 310 delegates from various schools in India and Oman. The theme of the conference was ‘One World, Many Voices-Reconstructing Broken Unity’. The Chief Guest of the Opening Ceremony was His Excellency Amit Narang, the Ambassador of India to the Sultanate of Oman. Her Excellency Sumaira Chowdhury, the UNICEF representative to Oman was the Guest of Honour. The function was also graced by Mr. Ahmed Rayees- President of ISG and Chairman of E.A.MUNC, Mrs. Papri Ghosh – Principal ISG and Patron-in-Chief of E.A.MUNC, Mr. Sunil K.-Convenor-SMC, members of the school management committee, Mr. G. Sreekumar- Vice Principal ISG , and Mrs. Pyarija Cidar- Vice Principal ISG International .

The President of ISG-Mr.Ahmed Rayees welcomed the Chief Guest His Excellency Amit Narang and the Guest of Honour Her Excellency Sumaira Chowdhury in an environment friendly way and also presented them with E.A.MUNC collar pins.

It was followed by the video message addressed to the Model United Nations by the UN Secretary General Mr. Antonio Guterres. Vedica Chhabra- the Secretary General of E.A.MUNC delivered the Welcome Address. Video presentations that followed showcased the journey of E.A.MUNC and the multifaceted topics of the seven committees.

In his address, the Chief Guest His Excellency Amit Narang emphasised on the indispensable role played by dialogue and discussion in a multilateral world. Ambassador Amit Narang stated that for success in multilateral negotiations, the focus must be on three attributes which are: speak well but listen better, learn to build coalitions and try to find the common ground.

The Guest of Honour Her Excellency Sumaira Chowdhury in her address exhorted the delegates to look into issues relating to children and on the need to combat climate change.

The members of the Press Corps conducted an interactive session and posed probing questions to the dignitaries on their views and opinions on MUN conferences and received edifying responses.

The rendition of ‘One World, One Chance’ by the Indian School Al Ghubra choir which was in tune with the theme of the conference and the E.A.MUNC pre-conference movie were much appreciated by the audience.

The Chief Guest His Excellency Amit Narang presented the Gavel to the bureau members and then declared the E.A.MUNC 2024 in session.

The office bearers of the E.A.MUNC 2024 were Vedica Chhabra  – Secretary General;  Sanjana K. Praveen  – Director General. They, along with the Presidents  of the 7 committees – Geetika Manoj Nambiar –UNGA;  Madhav Saki– UNSC; Abhinav Ganesh Kumar – ECOSOC; Mithun Manikandan– UNOOSA; Ashutosh Hemant Naik -  UNCSW; Roshni Ramananda Prabhu-UNEP; Safah Khanum-UNICEF efficiently led the proceedings, following closely the procedures and protocol of the UN. The Editor-in-Chief of the Press Corps- Zainab Javed Akhtar and her team recorded the proceedings of each committee and interviewed dignitaries, faculty advisors and delegates from various schools.

During the course of the three-day conference, the delegates in various committees debated on pressing global issues such as assessing and mitigating the dangers of cybersecurity, revising the outer space treaty, assessing the effectiveness of sanctions, providing stable medical supplies to regions in need to name a few. Deliberations and discussions resulted in the delegates acquiring life skills and imbibing many life lessons.

The Cultural Night organized by team E.A.MUNC was a platform to showcase the talents of the delegates. The performances included playing drums blindfolded, group songs, stand-up comedy, instrumental music, robotic dance, classical dance and group dances and was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience.

The three-day conference came to an end with the Valedictory Function.  Mrs. Divya Narang, the wife of the Ambassador of India was the Chief Guest for the Valedictory Function . The Guest of Honour was Mrs. Nisham Rayees, the wife of the President of ISG.

The Principal of ISG- Mrs. Papri Ghosh accorded a warm welcome to the Chief Guest and the Guest of Honour. It was followed by the Director General of E.A.MUNC, Sanjana K. Praveen presenting her closing remarks on the Conference.

The Chief Guest Mrs. Divya Narang, in her address stated that the achievements and personal gains of the MUN can be divided into four principal areas :the goals of humanity, increased awareness of others, the acquisition of knowledge and the development of practical language skills. Mrs. Divya also pointed out that  the conference helps the young leaders to be enlightened about the solutions that are put in place to tackle the issues discussed in their respective committee thereby enabling them to make an impact on this Earth every day.

The Guest of Honour Mrs. Nisham Rayees in her address spoke with pride on the life and achievements of her father-in-law, Shri E.Ahamed. Mrs. Nisham fondly recollected Shri E. Ahamed was a voracious reader, excellent listener and speaker. She added that Shri E. Ahamed’s disciplined nature and positive attitude is what raised him to the status of the great leader that he was.

In the Award Ceremony that followed, awards such as Outstanding Diplomacy, Diplomacy, Best Position Paper and Verbal Mentions were presented to the delegates.

The Chief Guest Mrs. Divya Narang released the digital copy of the E.A.MUNC Consensus Chronicle after which the conference was declared closed. The function concluded with a vote of thanks proposed by Sabyasachi Choudhry, a class 12 student wherein on behalf of Mrs. Maleka Ariwala- the Director of E.A.MUNC and her team, he thanked the dignitaries, faculty advisors and delegates from various participating schools. He also expressed his deep gratitude to Dr. P. Mohamed Ali- Founder of ISG and Founder of E.A.MUNC, Mr. Ahmed Rayees-President of ISG, Mrs. Papri Ghosh-Principal of ISG and the members of the school management committee for providing a near perfect simulation of United Nations Conference.