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The 75th Republic Day of India was marked by Indian School Al Ghubra with pride and dignity.  The programme began with the  school band playing  the National Anthem of India. The band continued with a piece based on raag ‘Yaman’ and invigorating marching tunes – titled ‘Kadam Kadam Badhaye Ja’ and ‘Vijay Bharat’. 

The students of grade 8 presented a choral rendition titled “The Glorious Reminiscence” which highlighted the values and principles  on which the nation was founded. Avi Pandya of 9C  played a soulful rendition of  ‘Vande Mataram’  and ‘Vaishnava Janatho’ on the keyboard.

This was followed by the school choir singing the uplifting song – ‘Hum Honge Kamayab’ which conveyed positivity and hope for a future free of the ills of the past.

A video presentation highlighted the far-sighted vision and tireless striving of the members of the constituent assembly who gave India the constitution which lies at the heart of the nation.

The school choir regaled the audience with the number “One World” which resonates with the theme ‘Vasudev Kutumbakam’ meaning the world is one family - One Earth, One Family One Future.

 The event concluded with the Principal Mrs. Papri Ghosh saying a prayer for the peace and prosperity of the nation.