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ISG Participates in Zero Hour Debate

Kshama Sushilkumar Mumbai of class 11E and  Suyog Suhas Bhat 12 D participated in a mega debating event - the Zero Hour Debate . It was organized by Notebook, an Educational Technology company.

64 schools from all over the globe participated in the event. The schools were divided into 4 pools in the Preliminary Round. Twelve top scoring schools in the preliminary round met in the Quarter Finals and the winners went on to the Semi Final Round.

The ISG team debated on topics as varied as Censorship, Sports and Equity in Wealth Distribution in the span of a month. In the Semi Finals, the ISG team were awarded the higher marks  by the judges but results after the audience poll showed that The Indian Language School Lagos had qualified for the Finals.

Participating and watching the intense debating that went on for a month  put  Kshama and Suyog on a steep learning curve which  undoubtedly honed their debating skills.