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A delegation of nine students from Indian School Al Ghubra -  Aditi Manikandan, Amina Nooba, Aarohi Kumta, Nitu Andrews Machilath, Mohammed Numair , Achsah Thankamma Thomas , Abishai Sakthi Dev,  Abram Roy Thomas and Khushi Purvang Shah accompanied by Mrs. Maleka Ariwala, Director of MUN of the school, attended the World International Model United Nations (WIMUN) conference organised by the World Federation of Model United Nations Association (WFUNA) at New York. The conference included interactive sessions and workshops with United Nations officers as well as committee sessions covering a set of thought- provoking topics under the U.N Sustainable Development Goals.


 The ISG delegation raised the bar through their active engagement in the debates and discussions. Abram Roy Thomas and Khushi Purvang Shah served as the Presidents of the Security Council, while Nitu Andrews was selected as the Speaker of the opening Plenary. Nitu Andrews and Aditi Manikandan were awarded the coveted Diplomacy Awards.


Amina Nooba and Mohammed Numair felt that the WIMUN approach accurately simulated the actual proceedings of the United Nations and provided them with a true U.N experience.. Abram Roy Thomas and Khushi Purvang Shah were exhilarated  to lead the Security Council and represent the Council live at the press stakeout. The ISG delegates loved being part of the WIMUN conference because it gave them an opportunity to interact with like-minded peers and exposed them to various perspectives and global issues.


The delegation also got the opportunity to interact with Ambassador K. Nagaraj Naidu, Deputy Permanent Representative of India to the UN and Ms.Vidisha Maitra,the First Secretary.


 The trip also included a visit to Washington D.C., where the students got an insight into the foundations and working principles of the government and administration of the United States.


Participating in the conference was a great learning experience and helped the delegates work together to take difficult decisions to tackle world issues as true diplomats.  Model United Nations conferences enable students to collaborate with students around the world and to make their voices heard.