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Four students from Indian School Al Ghubra - Richik Mandal, Dhruv Singh Rawat, Mithun Manikandan and Neil Sanjeev Madavi accompanied by Mrs Noella Vaz, Round Square representative attended the Regional Round Square Conference held at the Punjab Public School, Nabha in Punjab.

The theme of the Conference was ‘Clean and Green: Everyone’s Dream’. The conference dealt with one of the ideals of Round Square – Environment. Going by the current trend of youngsters voicing their opinion strongly on Climate Change at International Forums, the delegates were encouraged  to participate, deliberate and act thoughtfully to fulfill the dream of making the environment Clean and Green for both the present and the future generations.

The Keynote speakers of the Conference were Mr Jayant Hari Har Lal who raised

awareness on global environmental management and Ms Devika Chhabra a young student of Class XII who is passionate about recycling plastic and has launched her project REPLASTECO in which she collects consumer Pet Bottles and converts them into full sleeved T shirts for the poor across Delhi.


About 140 delegates from 21 Round Square Schools from India and abroad took

part in a wide range of activities and discussions on the conservation of the  environment. The Art Installation, Rally and Tree Plantation activities made students  aware of the ways to minimize waste and other measures that can be adopted to achieve a clean and green environment. The brainstorming baraza sessions generated a much enthusiasm among the delegates.

The Conference Statement of The Punjab Public School Round Square Conference 2019:

The students went for a post conference tour to Amritsar and visited the Wagah Border, The Golden Temple and Jallianwala Bagh.

The Round Square Regional Conference 2019 provided the students of ISG with a myriad of experiences which broadened their horizons and deepened their perspective of the world around them. They expressed their deep gratitude towards their parents and the school management for this enriching and enlightening experience.