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Students of Indian School Al Ghubra showcased a record breaking performance in the CBSE Class XII Board Examination 2022 by bagging the top positions in all the three streams among the Indian Schools in Oman.


The students who made ISG proud are:

Pranshu Dasgupta with a phenomenal score of 99.4% secured the First position in Oman in the Science Stream

Sujanyaa Sriram with a high score of 97.8% secured the First position in Oman in the Commerce Stream

Shraavani Sastry with a commendable score of 98% secured the First position in Oman in the Humanities Stream


Besides the first rank in the three streams, the Second position in Oman in the Humanities Stream was bagged by Caroline Judi Benhur with 97.6%.

Ishan Jabir and Keshav Balwant Deoskar with a score of 98.2% ranked Third in Oman in the Science Stream.

Ananya Panwar with 97.2% claimed the Third position in Oman in the Commerce Stream.


The other main highlights are:

The percentage of students who scored an overall aggregate of 90% and above are 46% in the Science Stream, 31% in the Commerce Stream and 46% in the Humanities Stream.


The percentage of students who scored distinction are 87% in the Science Stream, 89% in the Commerce Stream and 64% in the Humanities Stream.


All the 168 students who appeared for the examination passed in all the subjects without any compartment.



The School Toppers in the three streams are as follows:

Science Stream-The first rank was secured by Pranshu Dasgupta with an all-time high score of 99.4%.

The second position was shared by Ishan Jabir and Keshav Balwant Deoskar with a score of 98.2% .

Atharva Umesh Bhide with 98% was ranked third in the school.


Commerce Stream- Sujanyaa Sriram secured the first position with an excellent score of 97.8%.

Ananya Panwar made it to the second position at the school level with 97.2%

Aruthra Baskaran was placed in the third position with a score of 96.4%.


Humanities Stream- Shraavani Sastry stood first with an outstanding score of 98%.

Caroline Judi Benhur with 97.6% secured the second position

Saloni Bantu with 96.8% bagged the third at the school level.



The Subject Toppers in Science Stream are as follows:

perfect score of 100 was scored by an impressive number of students in various subjects. The details are as follows:

Mathematics- Aswathi Manukumar, Atharva Umesh Bhide, Herschelle Mathew Thomas, Ibrahim Mohammad and Pranshu Dasgupta

Physics- Pranshu Dasgupta

Chemistry-Ayesha Tarafdar, Eyakkeya Vithyashree S. and Keshav Balwant Deoskar

Computer Science- Aditya Pandey, Aswathi Manukumar, Atharva Umesh Bhide, Keshav Balwant Deoskar, Pranshu Dasgupta and Sankalp Sinha

Engineering Graphics- Rahul Deepak Varvani  


Ishan Jabir with a score of 99% was the Subject Topper in Biology.


The Subject Toppers in English are Atharva Umesh Bhide, Farah Gayasuddin, Pooja Thalapathy and Pranshu Dasgupta with a score of 98%.

Ananya Sahdev  is the top scorer in Physical Education with 88%.



In the Commerce Stream the students who scored centum in the following subjects are:

Business Studies-Rebecca Angela Pinto and Saujanya Anand Khapali

Psychology-Hridya Suresh

Entrepreneurship- Sujanyaa Sriram

The Subject Toppers with a score of 99% are Ananya Panwar in Accountancy;

Ananya Panwar, Aruthra Baskaran, and Sujanyaa Sriram in Economics;

Aruthra Baskaran in Informatics Practices and Nikhil Sreejith in Marketing.


 In the Humanities Stream Shraavani Sastry scored a perfect score of 100 in

Sociology. Kshama Sushilkumar Mumbai is the Subject Topper in Economics with 99%. Sneha Megan Pais with 95% is the Subject Topper in Painting.


The Principal Mrs. Papri Ghosh and the members of the school management committee applauded the commendable performance of the students and wished them the very best in their future endeavours. They also thanked the teachers who have guided these students to scale great heights.