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Hritish Sharma of class 8 studying in Indian School Al Ghubra won the Gold Medal in the 5th International Karate Championship organised by Hanshi P. Venkatesham the Founder of Global Shotokan Karate – Do India. He won the medal in the Kata event at the Championship which  was held on the 9th and 10th September 2023 at Kotla Vijayabhaskar Stadium, Hyderabad.


Twelve year old,  Hritish has distinguished himself in several other Karate  championships displaying exemplary skill and talent. He was awarded Black Belt Dan 1 in 2020 Shito Ryu Karate, Japan. He was awarded Black Belt Dan 2 in June 2023. He has participated in several national and international events which has given him the experience and exposure needed to hone his skills. He participated in the World Karate Championship held at Japan in July 2022. He won the Gold and Silver medals in the National Karate Championship 2022 held at Muscat and won a Bronze Medal in the Championship held in May this year.


Hritish began learning Karate from the age of four. His instructors speak of him as being hard working, disciplined, a quick learner who displays good sportsmanship no matter how tough the competition gets.


The Principal Mrs Papri Ghosh and the School Management are immensely proud of  the achievements of Hritish and wish him the very best to scale greater heights of glory as he gains  greater mastery over this popular martial art form.