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ONE WORLD, MANY CULTURES - Annual Day, Primary section

ONE WORLD, MANY CULTURES – Annual Day, Primary section, Indian School, Al Ghubra

The Primary section of Indian School, Ghubra celebrated its 32nd Annual Day on 6th December, 2022 in the school auditorium. Mr. M.P. Vinoba, Senior Principal and Educational Advisor to the Board of Directors, Indian Schools in Oman was present for the function. Mr. Sunil. K.A., Convener, Indian School, Ghubra also graced the occasion.

The cultural fiesta commenced with an electrifying choir based on Indo Western – Musical Fusion, followed by an enthralling Musical Play – ‘Embrace Humanity’. The fairies and elves who have travelled the globe, brought back stories of wonder, fun and frolic and related their unique memories to the chief of the ‘Fairy Land’. The colourful costumes, the befitting props the foot tapping music, the themed backdrop coupled with the smiling faces and lively performances of the students showcased the cultural diversity that colours the canvas of the world.

The captivating ‘Rio De Janeiro’ carnival dance and the ‘Samba’ dance of Brazil filled the air with gaiety. From South America, the fairies and the elves then travelled to Europe, to Italy – the land of pizza, pasta and Gelato – where the culture was explained through Tarantella, a group of various southern Italian folk dances and the Infiorata festival. What was showcased was a display of incredible artistry, which transported the audience to the mesmerizing world of fascinating experiences.  From Italy the audience travelled to the birthplace of Santa Claus– Turkey and saw the magic of the famous dance Turkhiye - the Dabke frolicking gracefully on the stage was spectacular. The cultural performance at the birthplace of Rubik’s cube, Hungary was a treat for the eyes and ears. The land of the world’s largest hidden pyramid and smallest volcano, Mexico was exquisitely pictured with its unique culture through the dances – Jarabe Tapatio and Mariachi Vargas. The captivating and colourful Hawaiian dance kept the audience spell bound.  At Truly Asia – Malaysia, the children showcased the different ethnic groups and its various cultures, which was a magical experience for the audience. The grand finale was the dance with the UV Light show, which wowed the audience with its amazing special effects and which conveyed a lovely message, that humans should create a sense of togetherness in spite of their differences. All in all, it was a memorable evening for guests and parents who witnessed the incredible performance by the children.